Item #15227 Edward Teller Handwritten Manuscript Signed titled "The Deadly Secrets" Edward Teller.

Edward Teller Handwritten Manuscript Signed titled "The Deadly Secrets"


Teller, Edward. The Deadly Secrets. Signed manuscript, no date. 11 pages handwritten. Draft by one of the world's most influential scientists, known as the Father of the Hydrogen Bomb. The Hungarian physicist was an early part of the Manhattan Project, the United States' project to develop the nuclear bomb during World War II. Teller's contributions to science garnered him numerous awards, including the Enrico Fermi Award and the Albert Einstein Award.

The manuscript reads in part: "Secrecy is security. The two concepts are used in our official documents as though they meant the same thing. In an insecure world we should have some security. But is secrecy security? There is little or no secrecy about our fabulous fast computers. They happen to be important for defense. In this rapidly growing technology we are outpacing all our competitors. In the forties we had a monopoly on nuclear weapons. We guarded it with high security barriers. Yet the monopoly is gone. The Russians are getting ahead of us in the development of the instruments for nuclear weapons." Teller goes on to trace the history of the developments of nuclear weapons, discussing the paradox of openness within the scientific community and names like Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, Enrico Fermi, and J. Robert Oppenheimer. In fine condition.

Item #15227

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