Item #15215 Letter Between Two Followers of Mother Teresa, Who Praise Her Value on Human Life. Mother Teresa.

Letter Between Two Followers of Mother Teresa, Who Praise Her Value on Human Life

TLS : Typed Letter Signed

[Mother Teresa] Letter between two followers of Mother Teresa praising her work. 2 page Typed Letter Signed. 8 x 6 in. Dated Jan. 30, 1981. On Letterhead from Park Cottage, Robertsbridge, Sussex, UK. Letter regarding Mother Teresa's work and expressing a desire to educate children on whom she is. “You just go quietly ahead...just trying to work out how children may best me [sic] induced to appreciate Mother’s work and to love her.” “Start your book by imagining that you’re sitting down with some children...and they ask you: ‘Who is this Mother Teresa everyone’s talking about? How come she’s so famous? What’s she at?’” They write about Mother Teresa’s value of human life, and declare that the world needs more humanitarians such as her. “Write it out of your heart, not your head; God sends such souls in dark times like these to keep faith alive, doing all her crazy things like bringing dying men in from the streets to have just a few minutes when they are loved and wanted before leaving this world...Make children see that this lunacy makes sense whereas the sense of the abortionists and mercy kills makes lunacy.” Ends with a short post script, praising the letter's quality: "What an enchanting letter from Mother, I love her style, and her resolution in not allowing a typewriter in the house." Signed in blue marker. Two small stray blue marks on page 2. In very good condition.

Item #15215

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