Qajar Lovers Gouache Painting with Gold Illuminated Borders. Qajar Persian Painting.
Qajar Lovers Gouache Painting with Gold Illuminated Borders

Qajar Lovers Gouache Painting with Gold Illuminated Borders


[Iran] Persian Qajar Lovers gouache painting on paper with gold illuminated border design. The image portrays a young Qajar prince in an elaborate blue and gold coat with an orange and gold karakul cap embracing his lover. The prince holds a glass in one hand while embracing his lover with the other. She with a tiara on her head, pearls on her neck, and a see-through blouse is wearing a Qajar coat with typical Persian paisley design. The lovers are seated in an embrace at a small table with crystal decanters next to them. This work composition is somewhat similar to the depiction of lovers embrace attributed to Mohammad Sadiq, 1770-80 (Layla Diba, Royal Persian Paintings, NY, 1998, number 27, pg 156-7). The headgear of the prince confirms this to be from the Qajar epoch rather than the Zand period. Wide margins with floral and animal illumination including deer and monkeys. The illumination work is of a very high and intricate quality. Image size 18.5" x 11." Some browning to the margins, minor expert repair, not affecting image, on verso in margin to fortify them. Overall in very good condition. An exquisite image with more sensibility than most other Qajar paintings.

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