Item #14120 Large $1000 Confederate Bond with 60 Coupons. Confederate Bond, 60 Coupons.
Large $1000 Confederate Bond with 60 Coupons

Large $1000 Confederate Bond with 60 Coupons


Large $1000 Confederate Bond Certificat originally issued by the Confederate government to fund the war effort. The 1000 Bond certificat has 60 coupons attached. The overall size is 26"x16". All coupons are present, though as you can see from the picture, many have become damaged by age, and two are seriously damaged with paper loss. Issued by the "Confederate States of America" on February 17, 1864 and get 6 percent per annum. Each individual coupon is for $30. There is also paper loss and a long tear along the top of the sheet. Browning and foxing throughout. Priced based on its condition issues.

Item #14120

Price: $150.00