Item #13575 Mathematician Felix Klein Writes on Einstein's Theory and the International Mathematic Commission. Mathematics Felix Klein.
Mathematician Felix Klein Writes on Einstein's Theory and the International Mathematic Commission

Mathematician Felix Klein Writes on Einstein's Theory and the International Mathematic Commission

ALS : Autograph Letter Signed

Felix Klein, mathematician known for his work with group theory, non-Euclidean geometry, and complex analysis writes this letter to his colleague, a former student, mentioning Einstein's Theory and the International Mathematic Unterrichts Commission. Handwritten autograph letter signed, 2 pages, on 2 sides of a single leaf. Dated November 10,1918. Apparently Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, published earlier that same year, had given Klein some ideas to consider for his own work. Klein had been researching and publishing in the area of mathematical physics since the 1890s, so it is not surprising that he should have been part of an ongoing scholarly dialogue which included Einstein. Klein was also the mind behind the mammoth project of creating a Mathematical Encyclopedia covering every known concept of mathematics and physics. He published the volumes from 1894 until his death in 1925 (publication actually continued until 1935), in an effort which is still proves of enduring value today. Einstein and Klein corresponded together and served together as editors for Mathematische Annalen. In German with English translation. The letter reads in full, translated into English: "Dear Colleague,I am very glad that you wrote concerning the copy of my lectures, because I have heard nothing yet from Pöschl (I had, of course, asked him to return the original and to make another copy for me). I don't even know how to reach Pöschl at this point. If you are in touch with him, I would appreciate if you could send him word. A further exploration of my work does not exist yet, as I had and still have more thinking to do about questions raised by Einstein's theory to clarify it for myself. Furthermore, it would be very problematic to have copies made at this point, as we have only one copyist these days who is already over-extended. How the next few months will go remains to be seen. A word about the IMUK [International Mathematic Education Commission].Their words are a display of wasted paper. There is no doubt that I myself, for instance, would have kept it much shorter than the authors did. But you have to wonder if that would have been in the interest of the intended audience. The IMUK (especially the German one) is an undertaking that must be seen from a social angle (and whose significance in these times must be obvious to just about everybody). Shall I tell you which treatise interested me the most? It's the two studies by [W.] Trost ( + [German mathematician Heinrich Emil] Timerding) and [M.] Girndt, in vol. IV, about the tasks and current standing of their schools [Treatises on the Mathematical Teaching in Germany, Tubner (Leipzip, 1913)]. With best regards, Klein"

This letter is in fine condition. A wonderful piece of mathematical history mentioning "Einstein's theory" and Klein's own work in mathematics.

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