Item #13380 James Watson Signed interview on DNA and genetic experimentation. James Watson.

James Watson Signed interview on DNA and genetic experimentation

DS - Document Signed

American molecular biologist and co-discoverer of the structure of DNA. Signed typescript of an interview. 1 page. 8.5" x 11." Signed "James D. Watson." The interview reads, in part:

"Q: How do you view the concern that DNA techniques could take us closer to selective breeding of humans and similar genetic experimentation?

Watson: I don't really know anyone who's thinking of these techniques to breed a superrace. We're just hoping that we can cure a lot of diseases. For instance, we don't understand the real causes of mental diseases. Through the recombinant DNA procedures, hopefully, we're going to get at the real causes of many serious mental diseases. If we know the causes, then we may be better able to treat the people..."

Watson states a lot more on DNA. Fascinating content from one of the founders of the Human Genome Project. In excellent condition.

Item #13380

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