Item #13159 Bill Clinton Presidential Cigars. Clinton, Bill.

Bill Clinton Presidential Cigars

[Clinton], [Bill]


42nd President. Can of PRESIDENTIAL cigars from the Clinton era. As with some items like the Reagan's cowboy boots, this is one of those Presidential items that you actually associate with a particular President - Clinton and his famous cigars. This is a 6" high metal can, air tight to keeps the cigars fresh. On the front is, a very large full color Presidential seal, with the eagle. On the reverse is a whole lot of text about the cigars being the "finest", etc., plus a label that identifies the can as holding "4 Corona Cigars". We can think of many funny jokes about Clinton and his cigars, and maybe Ms. Lewinski may have something to do with the reason the White House stopped giving these cigar cans out during Clinton's second term. Excellent condition, the can is still sealed.

Item #13159

Price: $300.00