Early 1920s Handwritten Manuscript Explaining the Workings of an Airplane

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Early 1920's handwritten manuscript describing the inner workings of an airplane with multiple detailed drawings and descriptions. 14 pages. 5" x 8-1/2". Includes handwritten drawings and journal entries explaining the "general data" including particular speed, weight, etc. of the planes. Drawings include a "main wiring diagram" .

The handwritten labels on the drawings include: "Jaguar starting. See that both the engine magnets are switched off and that the throttle is in the slow running position. 2. With gas starter. Connect the gas coupling of the starter to the lead to the distributor of one of the two engine magnets. See that H1 lead switch from gas starter mag to engine mag is switched off. 3. Start the gas starter." A second handwritten description of a drawing reads "The ignition system is a highly developed form of battery-coil ignition, designed as an integral part of the engine. The general layout comprises a direct current generated gear driven from the engine." In excellent condition.

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