Item #10483 Constitution For The Walnut Grove Confederate Veterans Association. soldier letter Confederate.

Constitution For The Walnut Grove Confederate Veterans Association

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Manuscript "Constitution," for a Confederate Veterans Association in Walnut Grove (possibly Tennessee or Missouri?), no date, 5½ pages folio. The constitution states that "All Confederate veterans who was honorable discharged from service is eligible to membership in this Association." The objectives of the association are set forth: "...the Conservation of Confederate memories the formation of fellowship and the Cultivation of friendship between the veterans of the late Confederate War the Exhibition of loyal respect to the recollection and Impulses of a Confederate past the Encouragement and practice of manly virtues the Extension of reasonable aid and sympathy to fellow members in time of sickness and distress and in case of death the rendition of suitable funeral honors. The titles of the officers, their duties, and the order of business are noted. There is much concern about members who become ill or die. A few members of one committee are written on verso of the last page; some research might tell more about this interesting and touching document.

Item #10483

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